Hair Transplantation Technique Steps in Antalya Medworld Hair Clinic

The Most Painless Hair Transplant Technique Sapphire FUE

Fue means Follicular Unit Extraction, which is a hair transplant technique. Hair transplant surgeons open up and prepare the hair root canals in your scalp to graft hair follicles. These hair follicles are picked up from the back of the patient’s head, which never lose hair if the patient does not have a serious disorder that causes baldness.

Sapphire FUE hair transplantation technique steps in Antalya Medworld Hair Clinic, Turkey does not include sewing and cutting like FUT hair transplantation technique. With the Fue hair transplantation technique, all hair follicles are uniform. For this reason, implanted hair looks more natural than other hair implants when it grows. To get the best result from the hair transplantation and the most natural look, surgeons graft every hair follicle one by one evenly. Its natural look is the main objective of the FUE hair transplantation technique.

DHI Method

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How Long do Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation Technique take in Antalya Medworld Hair Clinic, Turkey

FUE and DHI Hair Transplantation vary from patient to patient, as the recipient area is different in every patient. On the other hand, collecting hair follicular units by using FUE hair transplantation technique and grafting them with DHI hair transplantation requires time. Patients can leave the clinic on the same day. However, they should come back the other day because their hair will be washed by our doctor.

DHI Hair Transplant
DHI Hair Transplant

The Recovery Period After The Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

It is easy to recover after these hair transplantation methods. 

  • The patient’s donor area on the head is bandaged after the operation.
  • The following day, while washing, the doctor examines the patient’s head.
  • In the following days, especially the first 3 weeks, grafted hair falls temporarily. 
  • Between 3 or 6 months, permanent hair grows.

The Advantages of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

  • The process does not require any suture and incision. Patients will not have visible scars.
  • Local anesthetization.
  • The recovery period is not long.
  • The best and most painless hair transplantation technique.
  • The appearance is very natural.
  • No massive bleeding.
  • Hair implants are permanent and last throughout the patient’s life. 
  • No hair loss forever.
DHI Hair Transplant