Beard Hair Transplant Surgery

Hormonal factors influence the development of facial hair as well. Frequently, facial scarring, secondary to acne or trauma, result in patchy areas of hair loss.

Facial hair transplants is a surgery that helps make beards, mustaches look thicker and less patchy. Popularity for this procedure has recently spiked within the last 5 years. A beard is a traditional sign of masculinity, and an important part of your identity. Anyone who is looking to increase the hair on their face either for eyebrows, eyelashes, mustache or a fuller, thicker beard.

Partial and full transplants are available, depending on the goal of the patient. A full beard can be created for patients who lack facial hair. Facial scarring can be hidden with hair transplants. The procedure is meticulously performed with great detail in creating a natural look.

Beard restoration is a minimally-invasive surgical procedure in which hair is removed from a designated location on your body (donor area) and carefully transplanted to your face (recipient area). Once transplanted, the hair will continue to grow for a person’s lifetime. Typically, 90% of the transplanted hair will grow. At Medworld we perform the most effective hair restoration procedure – DHI – direct hair implantation method.

Facial hair transplant surgery in Medwold can last between two and five hours depending on the extent of the area that needs filling in. Beard restoration is performed under local anesthesia. Most patients remain very comfortable during beard restoration surgery. Dr. Ince will remove hair follicles from an area of healthy hair growth, so those follicles can be transplanted to create a fuller, attractive beard.

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