Does hair transplantation give permanent results?

Yes, Hair transplantation operation gives permanent results. The main reason behind hair loss is the impact of testosterone and the hair follicles transplanted in the operation are genetically resistant to this effect.

At present days, almost every age group suffers from hair loss. Depending on the level of hair loss, hair recovery has many different choices. Finding the right solution depends on your personal hair recovery goals, hair loss level, and treatment options, as suggested by the doctor.

Does hair transplantation give permanent results

If you are having early stages of hair loss, you can first consider options such as medications, topical solutions, or low-level laser treatments. If your hair loss has progressed further, or haven’t seen the expected results with other treatments, then consider hair transplantation. Hair transplantation procedure can help restore the full head of hair and gives permanent results.

The newly transplanted hair survives on the transplantation site for a life time. If the transplanted hair would later be affected by testosterone and lost, it would not make sense to get hair transplantation.